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Quality Dept.

Producing to the highest quality standards

Facilities include: Chemical, Spectrographic and Thermal Analysis, Gamma-Ray, X-Ray, Metallography, Endoscopy, Crack Detection and Digital Co-ordinate Measuring, Ultrasonic, Hardness and Mechanical Testing and a fully equipped Sand Lab.

Quality Facts

  • Brockmoor conduct and supply the relevant paperwork to each customer's specifications. These usually include PPAP, ISIR's, FMEA's and so on.
  • Adhere to APQP and Six sigma specifications
  • 6 CMM's
  • Stiefelmayer Mark-Out Machine with Renishaw Probing - The stiefelmayer inspection equipment is used for new part Mark-Outs and the submission of scribed ISIR sections where requested by the customer.
  • ATAS - Adaptive Thermal Analysis System - The Adaptive Thermal Analysis System (ATAS) is used to predict shrinkage tendencies for each batch of parts produced. This predictive equipment is located at point of use on the shop floor.
  • Digital Lab Thermal Analysis
  • Stolein Carbon Analyser - determination on routine melt checks.
  • ARL 2460 Spectrograph
  • Brinell Machine
  • Dartec / ESH Computer Controlled Tensile Test Machine - in accordance with BS EN 1002-1 : 2001 requirements.