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Grinding Shop

Advanced fettling for our diverse product range.

Due to our diversity we rely on a balance of experience fettlers and CNC robotic grinding.

Following the grinding process parts are checked, cleaned and packed or moved to our machine shop if required. 

Grinding Facts

  • We endeavour wherever possible to minimise or eliminate grinding through effective methoding and collaboration with our customers.
  • Grinding and fettling takes on 1 of 5 automatic units, this is supplemented by manual pedestal units and conventional fettling booths.
  • + 99% of our production is As-cast, but we still retain considerable capacity to heat treat castings through top hat or batch furnaces. 
  • Prior to painting, machining or despatch the casting will receive a final shot blast and a 100% visual inspection.
  • Our packing process is tailored to the specific needs of our customers, with due consideration to their global locations.