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The Foundry

Fundamental to the Brockmoor process

Our foundry follows a linear disa automated process lending itself to annualised production volumes of approximately 50 pieces to 70,000 pieces across a range of +1000 live references. 

The process is monitored and measured at every stage ensuring a quality end product. For more details please read below. 

Iron Foundry Facts

  • Metal is supplied by 2 x 8 Tonne 6KVA Medium Frequency Furnaces, which have close capture hoods and load cells. A predetermined weight of material is automatically charged into the furnaces.
  • The metal having been released to the foundry, is discharged into a +GF+ converter (pure magnesium), prior to being moved to the treatment area.
  • Having completed the treatment process, the metal is transferred to an ABB 6 Tonne presspour, with a nitrogen atmosphere.
  • The pouring process is automatically controlled by a Cime optical system and Inoculant is added to the metal stream proportionally to the pouring rate.
  • Moulds are produced on a high pressure, Disa horizontal, green sand moulding plant. Castings ranging from 2.00kg to 120.00kg are produced on this section.
  • Pattern Equipment is kept in a vertical automated carousel storage system adjacent to the moulding machine.
  • The sand is removed from the castings by a Jost shaker, prior to entering a Didion rotary drum. The returned sand then passes through a Schenk sand cooler and into a 160 tonne silo grading system. Milling of the sand takes place in an EIRICH high intensity mixer with automatic moisture control.
  • The primary method of core production is by cold box, this being supplemented by shell-kroning.
  • The castings, having passed through the Didion drum travel on a Magaldi belt, where the runners and risers are removed by Hydraulic wedges. Our in line deburring and shotblast ensures minimal manual intervention and expedient processing.
Ductile Iron Foundry
Ductile Iron Foundry